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Best hidden gems on Steam

2017-07-01 03:22:27 by GameBalance

Hi people,

That's pretty interesting. There is algorithm which searches for hidden gems on Steam. And it considered our game as one of the best hidden gems on Steam and put it on the top 100 list.

You can read here on PC Gamer:

Our game is Orbox C pretty fun challenging puzzle in outer space.

I know this happened because algorithm not works too good. For example there are(I think fair) complains about too much visual novels on the list. But some games on the list are really great. Our game is pretty good too, people enjoying it.


In case you want to play our game for free

1.You can play old flash version here on NewGrounds. It goes very difficult very fast.

2.Or you can try free PC demo version. Which is better option as it has improved GFX, better sound/music quality, fullscreen, and suitable difficulty for beginner.

- Arseniy

Our game has killer soundtrack

2017-04-26 02:54:19 by GameBalance

I say that our game Orbox C has good music. Because I had compliments from other people about it.

And this is honest opinion by Scythe youtuber with 100000 subscribers. Which is the first time ever our game was mentioned by any bigger youtuber. He is not my friend and I did not paid him. So it's totally on his own. And I am very happy to hear this because I written that music :)

The game on Steam:

Great free demo to try before buy:


Tho I written most of the music in the game but one the track in the game was written by other guy. I suck at ambient so it is written by other guy who did it better than I could:

Want to accept the challenge?

Get here for free:


User of the day? huh?

2017-03-22 05:31:06 by GameBalance

Hey guys,

They written me I am a user of the day. What??? I guess it's a random thing, because I am not much active in community.



Also don't forget to have a listen to my work in progress song "Just with us" if you not already did!

My new music track opened for suggestions.

2017-03-18 15:44:40 by GameBalance

Hey guys,

Here is some music track I am working on. I am not great with english so would be good to hear some ideas for a lyrics for this song.

Just some phrases that could be played time to time in the song. They would be with long echoes.

The song name also can be changed according to lyrics.



I can help making your song sound great!

2017-02-14 09:49:07 by GameBalance

Hello guys! Hope you doing great!

After learning mixing for years I can see now how to make stuff kinda right. To make songs loud but not louder than necessary. To make mix sound clean and bright. To make it sound wide but keep it mono compatible.

I could help mixing your song for 25$ if you are not good with mixing.

This will help to deliver your song idea well packaged. It will sound better than 99% of the music you hear around from nonpro.

It is applicable to electronic music only. Not metal, not orchestral.

What you get:

Tuning your kick and snare to the song. They will sound in key with the song.

Adding snap and body to the kick if necessary.

Correct EQ. Resolving masking problems. Resolving harshness problems. Good lows and enough brightness.

Adding some more subtle movement to some tracks if necessary.

Good reverb ammount, maybe reverb type.

Placing instruments into the mix as a whole.

Mono compatibility. It is very important to make song mono compatible. You can find a lot of info about it. Most of top songs are mono compatible.

Correct sidechain. Your kick will not conflict with bass.

Compression where needed.

Some fast mastering with EQ, multiband comp, stereo expansion, saturation, maximazing the loudness to commecial level.

You will get two 24bit wav files. One without mastering, one with mastering - 0.3db ceiling. So you could make mastering yourself if you want.

Notice: I would not share FL file usually. That should be discussed.

Notice: This is applicable to not too complex songs(when there are too much tracks that need different approach). If the song is pretty complex I may ask discuss the price.

It is very very cheap for abilities I have now. But it is resonable for me as I have no portfolio with this.

Send me personal message on this.


How loud and bright your song should be?

2017-02-05 04:04:17 by GameBalance

Hey people,

Often the songs on NG is just too loud and way too bright. So I am here to tell you great tip on that.

Not going to a ton of technical aspects as they are for advanced producers.

1. Don't make your song louder than average loudness of famous commercial tracks.

2. Don't make your song brighter(high frequencies) than average brightness of famous commercial tracks.

You see. You can easely make the track louder and brighter than any commercial track. But they stick to a certain level for a good reason.

If you make your track louder it will become very distorted, but that's not the only reason. The other cost of this super loud/fat/bright sound is ear irritation or even damage. So. You can make your songs super loud but do you care about your ears?

Don't try to win the loudness war. Leave it to professianals. Just stick to the average level. Your track probably will be very distorted even if you do it as loud as commercial tracks. But if you go further it will go even worse, and your understanding of the sound is not enough to hear that you are doing really wrong.

So. Use few famous commercial tracks as a reference and make your song as bright and loud around them. Don't overdo. You may just damage your ears and develop bad taste.

Don't use youtube to mp3 download. The songs there often on reduced level or optimized for a certain channel music stream. And lower in quality. Official mp3 320 or a flac/wav is your reference source.

I think many FL Studio users here. So here is how you tune the kick.

1. Open the kick sample in Edison. You can r-click sample in sampler - edit.

2. In Edison with the Regions button(5th button from the left, after scissors and wrench) choose - detect pitch regions. It can do the job or it may fail. Depends on the kick type. Often it will do.

3. Go back to sampler. Click INS or other tab so you see keyboard. And then right click the note that Edison showed you(if you don't know notes google for Keyboard Notes). So now your kick attached to correct keyboard notes. The G note will be G. You can choose the note you want your kick to be tuned to.

4. You can pitch up the kick +24 and listen how its note sounds with the song. It can help you to hear the tune of the kick and fine tune it.

5. Choose the note of the kick to be relative to your main bass note. You better to stick with D-A 37-55hz notes range. So if your bass is out of this range then just +7 +5 or -5 the kick's pitch. This will work too like the 5th types of leads.

This is very very important your kick to be tuned with the bass. So learn to do that!

Video Game music remixes/covers

2017-02-03 11:25:02 by GameBalance


Made some great update to my music cover on the game The Guardian Legend.

Feel free to share your video-game remix/cover. I would like to listen some of those(especially on 8bit and 16bit games). Also drop the link of the track on your soundcloud please(if you have).

Thanks, hope you enjoy my track too:


I don't know why it doesn't make the NG player in the post. And I see no embed option there. So you can listen it here from youtube:


Looking for youtuber to play our game for free

2017-01-25 03:19:46 by GameBalance

Hi. If you have gaming youtube channel and could make a video with my game then I would share a key for you. It can be first impression, or review, or something else.

The game:

Send me private message