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Best hidden gems on Steam

2017-07-01 03:22:27 by GameBalance

Hi people,

That's pretty interesting. There is algorithm which searches for hidden gems on Steam. And it considered our game as one of the best hidden gems on Steam and put it on the top 100 list.

You can read here on PC Gamer:


Our game is Orbox C pretty fun challenging puzzle in outer space.

I know this happened because algorithm not works too good. For example there are(I think fair) complains about too much visual novels on the list. But some games on the list are really great. Our game is pretty good too, people enjoying it.


In case you want to play our game for free

1.You can play old flash version here on NewGrounds. It goes very difficult very fast.


2.Or you can try free PC demo version. Which is better option as it has improved GFX, better sound/music quality, fullscreen, and suitable difficulty for beginner.


- Arseniy


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2017-07-01 05:55:59

Very cool, congrats!

GameBalance responds:

Thank you :)