My new music track opened for suggestions.

2017-03-18 15:44:40 by GameBalance

Hey guys,

Here is some music track I am working on. I am not great with english so would be good to hear some ideas for a lyrics for this song.

Just some phrases that could be played time to time in the song. They would be with long echoes.

The song name also can be changed according to lyrics.




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2017-03-18 16:41:42

Maybe for vocals, go for something partly ethereal like Mylène Farmer would do it?

I got that vibe off the first fast bit of the song...


2017-03-18 16:52:10

*clears throat* Fancy talking about this via PM? I'm hearing this on headphones and I still have that Mylène Farmer-esque idea. I wouldn't mind singing and writing lyrics to this, if and when I am able.

GameBalance responds:

That is quite unexpected comparance. Which I am fine with because Mylene is great artist.