I can help making your song sound great!

2017-02-14 09:49:07 by GameBalance

Hello guys! Hope you doing great!

After learning mixing for years I can see now how to make stuff kinda right. To make songs loud but not louder than necessary. To make mix sound clean and bright. To make it sound wide but keep it mono compatible.

I could help mixing your song for 25$ if you are not good with mixing.

This will help to deliver your song idea well packaged. It will sound better than 99% of the music you hear around from nonpro.

It is applicable to electronic music only. Not metal, not orchestral.

What you get:

Tuning your kick and snare to the song. They will sound in key with the song.

Adding snap and body to the kick if necessary.

Correct EQ. Resolving masking problems. Resolving harshness problems. Good lows and enough brightness.

Adding some more subtle movement to some tracks if necessary.

Good reverb ammount, maybe reverb type.

Placing instruments into the mix as a whole.

Mono compatibility. It is very important to make song mono compatible. You can find a lot of info about it. Most of top songs are mono compatible.

Correct sidechain. Your kick will not conflict with bass.

Compression where needed.

Some fast mastering with EQ, multiband comp, stereo expansion, saturation, maximazing the loudness to commecial level.

You will get two 24bit wav files. One without mastering, one with mastering - 0.3db ceiling. So you could make mastering yourself if you want.

Notice: I would not share FL file usually. That should be discussed.

Notice: This is applicable to not too complex songs(when there are too much tracks that need different approach). If the song is pretty complex I may ask discuss the price.

It is very very cheap for abilities I have now. But it is resonable for me as I have no portfolio with this.

Send me personal message on this.



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2017-02-14 21:27:44

you know, NG needs more people like you. too many pushers and posers on here can't make music for shit.