Front page needs better games.

2013-04-18 08:35:13 by GameBalance

Front page needs better games.
The score below 3.5, lots of negative comments is a trigger the game should be replaced with something better.
But it stays there for days!

Front page needs better games.


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2013-04-18 08:41:43

I know right? I mean look at that Madness game, atrocious game and its been up there for going on a year now.Just a quick look and I see at least 4 games that I played before they hit the front page and I know they're very poorly made. Its amazing what manages to get placed up there.


2013-04-18 09:02:36

If you see better games coming through the Portal, point them out!


2013-04-18 12:47:47

It would help if people voted on games more.

A lot of really good stuff never gets on to the front page because it is stuck in-judgement for over 48 hours.


2013-04-18 14:30:22

please suck my johnny hipnosis


2013-04-18 18:57:49

Here's some guys worth checking out:

(Updated ) GameBalance responds:

Thanks. Great troll.


2013-04-19 08:31:59

@Turbo-Assassin I was holding of on FPing Skullface while considering a site license option but then I never did it and ended up not FPing it, so I'm FPing it now!

GameBalance responds:

oh cool ) my post turned to good use )


2013-04-25 17:27:35

Front page got better games! :D

GameBalance responds:

Well, not really ;)


2013-04-30 15:43:58

I saw your comment on Minirynth, and I accept your challenge, make better game then me in 2 days make me feel shame Mister or find excuse which is a reason why you didn't make it in first place.. cheers :D

GameBalance responds:

I don't have time for that. I have 2 games in production. + Levels for some mobile game. + My lazyness.
But my free time I will spend to my hobby - music.