Do you hate anything about youtube?

2013-04-04 02:50:36 by GameBalance

Do you hate anything about youtube? Tell me.


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2013-04-04 02:54:55

the new homepage sucks sooo much ass.


2013-04-04 03:00:57

it's a mixture


2013-04-04 03:29:42

it's a mixture


2013-04-04 03:51:37



2013-04-04 04:12:54

They always fail with the new layouts and every year there is more stupid commercials.


2013-04-04 04:43:10

I hate allot about YouTube, but it's my life :/


2013-04-04 04:52:07

Fail layouts that don't need to be changed and GEMA faggotry.
That's all.


2013-04-04 05:38:51

Famous Youtubers who are always about the money. I know. We need money to survive, but the people on youtube who are so popular and using their fans for money making drone machines is kinda douchey. Some come out with the most unoriginal crap because they know they will get 100,000 views or more because they have hundred thousand or million subscribers waiting for a video. I was a popular Youtuber I would honestly come up with something better. But now it's kinda impossible to get a spotlight because these famous youtubers who have been in partership with youtube for years still drive in more audiences making some people with original content IMPOSSIBLE to get some recognition. I've seen over 60 YT channels with people that have amazing talent and creativity. Even gaming! Some of them aren't even montages or boring commentaries about what they did this weekend.

I love YouTube for best sources and trending which shows how much fun the website is. But seeing people making scams or reeling people in for a quick buck just ruins the website in my opinion. Yes there are people who do get noticed for their originality but it's hard to find a lot more of those people because the big ones are always in the way.


2013-04-04 06:10:04

I have adblock plus, so ads don't bother me, yet.
Whichever genius was behind the fucking move to left-align everything from the prior centered format is an absolute tittyfucker.

Paid subscriptions may be coming, too.


2013-04-04 06:20:50

People ordering me around to Like Subscribe and Favourite
Theit absolute shit lay-out that's unpersonal and g+
How the videos align to the left
Their aweful userbase
How there's more emphasis on related vids and ads instead of the actual videos
Having to login to watch supposedly "nsfw" vids (what is this, a porn site?)

Prolly more but can't think of it on the spot.


2013-04-04 07:49:37

Fucking ads in everything, oh my god.

My Inbox used to be in the top-right, now they've moved it to the My Account page and took the number of new messages off of it- what's that all about, right!?


2013-04-04 07:50:53

The main thing I hate about YouTube that can't be said about other websites is how completely neglectful YouTube is about user feedback. They ignore any and every negative comment they receive and insist that their popularly-hated layouts are great ideas. Technically I think it might be Google's fault, but either way, there hasn't been a definitively positive change in the site's layout since the "Watch Later" button started marking where you left off in a long video. It's because of the creators' voluntary obliviousness that the homepage looks bad, channels are barely customizable, and advertising smaller channels has become more difficult.


2013-04-04 09:39:07

If you can't make a design good enough to keep for even a year, just let it be. Also, Google. All the time Google just creeps further towards merging everything until you're completely naked on the internet and people can see everything you do. I'd never register a YouTube account, and I'll never use Google's services more than I have to.


2013-04-04 10:08:48

the community of 5-year olds also the design changing every simple second


2013-04-04 11:20:43

Yupp. I like Google, but I hate the impersonality of their services. I hate the fact that they don't listen to my (good) feedback on usability. I hate how they keep removing useful features, letting copyright trolls roam free and earn money off of creations that other people submit and I can't say I like the community. There is a lot of good content there though.


2013-04-04 12:35:26

The layout changes all the time are ridiculous. Just when you start getting used to one, BAM. It's irritating. Also, how the videos left align now instead of in the center. And I miss how inbox messages used to be, where you could see the number of messages you had before you clicked it. Ya know?

GameBalance responds:

Yeah. Youtube really pieces me off somtimes...
I agree with comments.


2013-04-04 16:36:56

I hate the fact that VEVO has edited versions of songs 90% of the time.


2013-04-05 09:09:14

I hate who does giveaways, it's like cheating for partnership


2013-04-05 20:06:01

Russians hate Youtube...?