Is it a bug?

2013-02-03 15:28:47 by GameBalance

I go to projects, there is Project stats on the left. There is reviews with clickable numbers. When I click I get error:
ERROR - The page you requested could not be found.
So what is wrong? I noticed that like week ago and it still not works.


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2013-02-03 17:24:34

Yes, since the implementation of the feeds, that button to see reviews hasn't worked. Until it's fixed, follow this path to get to your reviews:

Newgrounds Social > Feeds > Reviews of your movies/games/audio/art

Or just go to the actual page they are published on. If you have new reviews, you'll see a notification right under the front page News.

GameBalance responds:



2013-02-03 21:57:23

Good job mandog, good job...

GameBalance responds:

Had to remove it :)


2013-02-03 22:11:39

Hopefully the "Delete all comments from this user" feature still works.

GameBalance responds:

Yes it worked :)