Orbox C is out

2012-12-19 03:03:15 by GameBalance

Well that's my news yeah. Got daily 2nd, thanks!

Orbox C is out


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2012-12-20 03:15:10

Dont know why no one has posted on this yet, it's a cool game, I love the visuals and music especially. Not too big a fan of the way some of the bombs are used - kind of arbitrary in some spots, but hey it's a solid game you got here, got anything else in the works?

GameBalance responds:

yeah started other game and some other game is laying 99% finished because other coder is too lazy and rich to finish it. I m talking about Touch The Bubbles 4... Yes it's finished but not released and I m trying to kick ass of that lazy guy for year already..... Maybe next year it will be released finally. Oh please I hope so...


2012-12-21 08:57:10

It's good alright.